Fit Credibles Logo

Fit Credibles is a personal fitness company that transforms the bodies of their clients with one-on-one personal training and dietary plans.

They wanted to create a brand for their business, starting with a logo.

After speaking with the clients, and reviewing the logo examples that they gave to me, it was clear that they wanted a strong, simple, and unique logo.

There were several rounds of mocks, the first of which were deciding on the graphical part of the logo, or whats known as the logo type. The first mocks for the logo type is shown below.

The next task was to decide what font to use for the words used within the logo, which is known a the wordmark. The first mocks for the wordmark is shown below.

Fit Credibles Logo

After several rounds of mocks where different combinations of the the above logo types and wordmarks were used, I eventually created the finished logo